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FISU Games Village

The World University Games Village (short as "the Village" in the following text) of the World University Games Chengdu 2021, which is under busy construction now, is located in Chengdu University. Upon completion, it will be a world-class athletes' village supporting the future international sports games held in Chengdu. Recently, "The World University Games Village" project (including Zone A: the industry-education integration project and Zone B: the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts project) has met the requirements for construction resumption after the Spring Festival and now is under construction in an orderly manner.




The Village, a core part of the World University Games 



Upon completion, the Village will provide accommodation, transportation and other living services for more than 11,000 delegate members from over 170 countries and regions.


Peng Gang, the project manager of the village project from Chengdu City Construction Investment & Management Group Co., LTD, said: "Holding the World University Games will enhance the international reputation of Chengdu as a modern and international city. We will impress the world with charming Chengdu culture. As a core part of the Games, the construction of the Village is of vital importance." He introduced that the Village, which is equipped with facilities such as medical centres, service centres, fitness centres, training halls and commercial streets, can provide a safe and comfortable environment for athletes and other delegates. Staying here will be an enjoyable experience for them.


According to him, the guidelines for building the project are "open, integrated, green and smart". Besides, the project is also designed under the concepts of cultural integration as well as intensive resource sharing. In a sustainable way, this project is designed not only for meeting the needs of training, living and cultural exchange of athletes and officials, but also for the future development of Chengdu University.




The construction of main structures almost finished, the Village is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year



The Village covers an area of 370,000 m2, including both new buildings and renovated buildings of Chengdu University. The 22 new buildings belong to 8 projects: the athletes' apartments, service centres, medical centres, administrative offices, international education centres, gymnasium annexes, natatoriums and the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts.


Up to now, the main structure construction of No.1 & No.2 athletes' apartments, medical centres, training halls, administrative offices and service centres have been completed. Regarding the progress of the project, "The Zone A of the Village includes 10 new buildings and some renovated buildings of Chengdu University. Right now, 75% of the decoration of No.1 & No.2 athletes' apartments has finished; 80% of the masonry process of the medical centres and the training halls have finished; the main structure construction of No.3 athletes apartment and international education centres has finished; and the natatoriums and gymnasium annexes have started the construction of main structure," Peng Gang said.



Peng Gang showed confidence in finishing the project on time and said they would further optimize the construction plan and increase the number of workers on the site in order to complete the whole project by the end of this year.

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