Call for Emblem and Mascot for 2021 Summer Universiade

Slogan / Emblem / Mascot

The 2021 Summer Universiade (the "Universiade") will be held in Chengdu, China in August 2021. We are now looking for emblem, mascot and slogan proposals from the public on our official website (www.2021chengdu.com). The applicable rules are described below.



I. Scope



Any individual or organisation can submit proposals. A proposal made by more than one person will be considered as a team design.



II. Requirements for Works



(I) Design objectives


The emblem, mascot and slogan under a proposal should be in line with the concepts of the Chengdu 2021 Summer Universiade, which are: sustainable, smart, spirited and sharing.


The design and slogan under a proposal should embody sportsmanship.


The emblem and mascot under a proposal should be different from but relevant to each other, and adopt the same design style.


The emblem and mascot should demonstrate harmony of overall look and impression.


The emblem and mascot under a proposal should be made novel, unique, elegant and aesthetically pleasing. They should be creative and identifiable.


The mascot under a proposal should be vivacious, lovely and approachable, and achieve recognition from people across different cultural backgrounds, genders and age groups as far as possible, especially from children and youngsters.


The emblem and mascot under a proposal should be of high flexibility and creativity, which allow for design extensions in line with varied demands.


The mascot under a proposal should allow for the demand of commercial exploitation, and be compatible with various sizes (from badges to sculptures up to several metres high), materials (e.g. metal works and plush toys) and known or unknown media, forms and technologies (e.g. T-shirts, knapsacks, cups, stationeries and other licensed products, two-dimensional or three-dimensional animations playable on TV, the Internet, CD or mobile phones, VR, prints, dynamic images/broadcasts, logos, games, decorations and the city landscape developed for the Universiade). The mascot should be easy to reproduce which means its zoom or multi-colour/mono-colour reproduction should entail no more than slight modifications.


(II) Other requirements for mascot design


The emblem and mascot under a proposal should further fulfill the following design requirements:


They should be original. That means they should be neither published works nor any copy, modification, adaptation, derivation, separation or combination of others' works (including but not limited to other mascots and cartoon figures).


They should differ from the emblem and mascot of any previous session of the Universiade, major international sports events or large-scale Chinese sports events.


The mascot should be named. The mascot should bear a creative name that is entitled to IPR protection and causes no prejudice against the Universiade values. The name should be free of any religious implication or association with any third party. It should be noted that even if a proposal is selected, the mascot name under the proposal may not be the final name of the mascot.


An emblem or mascot design drawing should bear no information that indicates the identity of the contributor.



III. Requirements for Contribution



(I) A submitted proposal should be ethically healthy with a distinctive theme.


(II) A submitted proposal should consist of one emblem, one mascot and one slogan for the Universiade. Alternatively, they may be submitted independently of each other.


(III) A submitted proposal should contain an introduction to the drawings (size, scale, colour value, etc.).


(IV) A submitted proposal should be accompanied by the signed qualification documents and legal documents (refer to the "Document on the Emblem and Mascot Design Contribution Campaign for the Chengdu 2021 Summer Universiade").


(V) A submitted proposal should contain an introduction to the creativity and concepts of the works (details of the creation basis, process, philosophy, inspiration and concepts of the proposal, and, if any, stories about the emblem and mascot that reveal their style, characteristics, and advantages).


(VI) A submitted design file should be an A4-size JPG image at 300 dpi with a RGB color space. It, coupled with the documents required under (I)-(V), should constitute one proposal.


(VII) No fee will be charged from any contributor. Yet, an author should bear the expenses incurred in the creation and submission. Given that no submitted proposal will be returned, an author should preserve original files with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher (AI, PSD, CDR, etc.).



IV. Schedule



Periods (BJT)


1. Slogan


Started on: 29 April 2019


Submission: 09:00, 29 April 2019–17:00, 19 May 2019


Appraisal by the judging panel: 20–25 May 2019


2. Emblem and mascot 


Started on: 29 April 2019


Submission: 09:00, 29 April 2019–17:00, 13 June 2019


Preliminary appraisal by the judging panel: 14–20 June 2019


Checking primary works for duplicate: 21-27 June 2019


Publication of shortlisted works and poll: 09:00, 28 June 2019–17:00, 5 July 2019


Final appraisal by the judging panel: 6–26 July 2019



V. Awards



(I) Slogan


Award-winning slogan: 1 slogan, bonus-10,000 yuan;


(II) Emblem and mascot


Gold Award: 1 emblem, bonus-100,000 yuan; 1 mascot, bonus-100,000 yuan;


Silver Award: 1 emblem, bonus-30,000 yuan; 1 mascot, bonus-30,000 yuan;


Excellence Award: 10 emblems, bonus-10,000 yuan; 10 mascots, bonus-10,000 yuan;


Popularity Award: 1 emblem, bonus-30,000 yuan; 1 mascot, bonus-30,000 yuan;




1. All the above bonuses are pre-tax amounts (yuan);


2. The bonus won by a team should be shared by the team members, and its distribution should be subject to negotiations among the team members. Neither the sponsor nor the organiser should be held liable for that;


3. In the situation that the same design is submitted by more than one author, the earliest proposal received by the organiser should be valid;


4. In the situation that an author wins both the Popularity Award and another award, their bonuses should not be cumulative;


5. An award may be left vacant in the situation that no author is qualified to win the award;


6. The awards other than the Popularity Award will be presented based on synthetic ratings, i.e. 40% from the public votes and 60% from the experts' evaluation.



VI. Ways of Contribution



Please log into www.2021chengdu.com for submission.



VII. IPR Statements



Subject to national laws and regulations, any contributor or author who actively submits a proposal should be construed as making the following irrevocable statements on attribution of copyright.


(I) Statement of originality: The submitted works are the contributor's original works. None of the submitted works and the materials they use constitute any infringement on any person's any patent, copyright, trademark right or other legitimate right or interest. The submitted works have neither been published on newspapers, magazines, websites or other media, nor been any patented works or copyrighted works. Furthermore, they have not been commercialised in any form. After the works are submitted to the organiser, the contributor himself/herself shall not disclose, publish, use or develop the contributed works in any form or authorise any third party to do so until the end of the Call and the submitted works have not been selected as award-winning works. Otherwise, the organiser will be entitled to disqualify the contributor for being shortlisted or award-winning, withdraw the bonuses the contributor wins, if any, and reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities of the contributor.


(II) Attribution of copyright of award-winning works: For any works that win any of the awards (Gold Award, Silver Award, and Popularity Award), the contributor must undertake and acknowledge that the works have been created under the commission of the organiser (the Chengdu Preparatory Committee for the Universiade), and their ownership and intellectual property rights, including copyrights, are all attributed to the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the Chengdu Preparatory Committee for the Universiade, or their accredited third parties. The contributor undertakes not to exercise and authorises FISU and the Chengdu Preparatory Committee for the Universiade, including their accredited third parties, within the scope permitted by law, to permanently and exclusively exercise the copyright-related personal rights related to the winning works all over the world.


(III) The contributor undertakes that the organiser has the right to use, develop, authorise, license or protect the selected works in any form at its sole discretion without any interference or restriction by the contributor or any third party. The above acts may be carried out for any subjects, including those unknown in the current cognition, or in any manners, including but not limited to written or electronic form. The contributor shall not be entitled to claim any special rights or share any rights and interests obtained by the organiser by carrying out these acts.


(IV) In the event that any plagiarism or infringement on any third party's legitimate rights or interests (including but not limited to copyrights) is found in any submitted works, or the organiser is faced with or subjected to any claims, complaints, lawsuits, arbitration or other requests by a third party as a result of its use of the contributed works in any form, or it suffers any direct or indirect reputational or economic losses due to such a reason, neither the sponsor nor the organiser shall be held liable, and the contributor, in any circumstance, shall take adequate and appropriate measures at his/her own expense on request by the sponsor and the organiser, so as to ensure the use of the submitted works by the sponsor and the organiser will not be affected by any of the requests above. The contributor shall also compensate for all the losses thereby caused to the sponsor and the organiser.


(V) The contributor has carefully read and comprehended the terms above before the submission, and fully agrees on them. The "sponsor" herein refers to the Chengdu Preparatory Committee for the 2021 Summer Universiade. The "organiser" herein refers to Chengdu Media Group. Chengdu Media Group reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Call.


(VI) For further requirements and detailed instructions for emblem and mascot designs, please download the "Document on the Emblem and Mascot Design Contribution Campaign for the Chengdu 2021 Summer Universiade".


Document on the Emblem and Mascot Design Contribution Campaign for the Chengdu 2021 Summer Universiade.doc

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