Seven Greenways for Your Spring Cycling in Chengdu

Park City

Various plants are flourishing in the bright sunlight, and a breeze is wafting scents of the grass and flowers.


Why not go for a bike ride to enjoy sports and spring?


Here are seven greenway recommendations for your cycling in Chengdu.




No.1 Jincheng Greenway



The greenway, starting from the Jincheng Lake and ending at the Qinglong Lake, connects a number of tourist attractions.


(Photo by @天府绿道文旅 via Weibo)


The Jincheng Lake Park has a dense growth of trees and flowers. The Guixi Park offers a quiet environment to people busy with work and life.



More attractions including the Sansheng Flower Town and the Bailuwan Wetland Park are available for visits.



No.2 Jinjiang 198 · LOHAS Greenway



This is the first large greenway in downtown Chengdu, with an about eight-kilometre track for riding.



The greenway consists of a greenway pavilion, a bicycle art corridor and a square.



The greenway goes directly to the Bailuwan Wetland Park and the Sansheng Flower Town.



No.3 Wenjiang Beilin Greenway



With a total length of 65 kilometres, the greenway connects many tourist spots.


(Photo by JIA Lin)


The section close to the Lujiatan Wetland Park can be a great option for cyclists thanks to its track of about five kilometres and fresh air in nearby dense forests.


The greenway, with many unique decorations including frog-shaped seats, and wooden ponies, has become a new highlight attracting a large number of tourists.


(Photo by JIA Lin)


Walking along this greenway, you can go to the main tourist spots in Wenjiang District.



No.4 Panda Greenway



Along the first themed greenway in Chengdu, abundant elements of the giant panda such as its footprints can be seen everywhere.



Nice sculptures of the adorable panda in different shapes are also scattered along the 102-kilometre greenway, attracting lots of attention.




No.5 Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park Greenway



Located in the Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park, this greenway is a new iconic place in Chengdu for tourists to enjoy romance in a forest lit by numerous fireflies.



The Eye of Chengdu, a 360-degree observation deck on the greenway, gives stunning views of the whole forest park.




No.6 Luxi Zhigu Greenway



Located in Tianfu New Area, the greenway stretches ahead, overlooking a river flowing slowly and quietly.



The original vegetation, farmland and nurseries are well preserved. Looking across the vast tract of wetland near the way, you can see various trees and ponds.




No.7 Pidu Shaxi Greenway



This greenway, located in Pidu District, is a popular getaway for local residents.



Riding on the path between the fields, you can not only get some fresh air, but also feel the beauty of the countryside where flowers are smiling, birds are chirping and streams are murmuring.



Ride a bike through the city of Chengdu. Enjoy the beauty of the Land of Abundance. More surprises are waiting for you!


Source: Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Translated by TANG Xin, revised by HUANG Shuting, reviewed by CAI Juanjuan