Rules of Solicitation for Torch and Flame Relay Related Stories and Creative Designs for the Flame Exhibition Tour Event Series of the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games


I. Theme



'Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True — We are Dream Chasers'



II. Contents



Ronghuo, the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games Torch, is based on 'Rong', the time-honoured name of Chengdu, and it also means 'fusion' of the Bashu culture and the torch of the Games. To mark the 200-day countdown to the opening ceremony of the Games, we launch the 'Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True — We are Dream Chasers' Flame Tour Exhibition Event Series globally today so as to further deliver Chengdu's 'Sustainable, Smart, Spirited, and Sharing' philosophy in hosting the Games. This campaign covers two sessions, 'My Story with the Flame' and 'Sparks of Flame'. In the first session, we invite you to provide us the items, images and footages related to the torches and the flame relays of the previous sessions of the FISU Games; in the second session we call for your creative design based on 'Ronghuo'.


(I) My Story with the Flame



Content: Items, images and footages related to torches and flame relays of the previous FISU World University Games from all over the world. These items, images and footages will be exhibited during the Flame Exhibition Tour Series, and will be returned to the provider after the campaign.

Period: 9 December 2021 to 31 March 2022

Rewards: Offline exhibition + licensed products + certificate of honour


(II) Sparks of Flame



Content: Creative design in the following three categories:

1. Graphic designs, posters and illustrations: The design of a Ronghuo-related pattern, emphasizing the fusion of Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games and the torch;

2. Derivatives of the torch: The design of Ronghuo-based souvenirs and daily necessities; and

3. Artistic derivatives of the torch: Drawings and sculptures related to Ronghuo.

Period: 9 December 2021 to 9 January 2022

Reward for 50 Winners

1. First prize (1 in each category, 3 in total): RMB 3,000 + offline exhibition + licensed gift + certificate of honour

2. Second prize (2 in each category, 6 in total): RMB 1,000 + offline exhibition + licensed gift + certificate of honour

3. Third prize (3 in each category, 9 in total): RMB 500 + offline exhibition + licensed gift + certificate of honour

4. Prize for finalists (32 in total): certificate of honour

Rules of Appraisal:

1. Finalists will be nominated from all the entries by the appraisal panel, and then the first, second and third prizes and prize for finalists for each category will be selected.

2. Schedule

Appraisal: 10 January to 17 January 2022

Winner release: 18 January 2022



III. Participation



(I) My Story with the Flame


1. Send your images or footages with a brief description of the story behind them to the official e-mail address at flamerelay@2021chengdu.com. Please provide HD images or footages as possible.

2. For physical items, mail to the following address:

Attn.: Division of Flame Relay, Department of Marketing and Activity Planning, Executive Committee of Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games

Address: E916, Building 4, Tianfu International Financial Centre

Tel.: 18980925206 (Ms ZHANG)


(II) Sparks of Flame


E-mail four to six A3 size (420*297mm) HD (300dpi) images limited to 10MB in JPG format with horizontal composition for each work, including rendering, necessary structure diagrams, and dimensional drawings, together with the category of the works, theme descriptions and design descriptions (within 300 Chinese characters or words).


(III) Requirements for Submission


E-mail your images, footages or works in a WinRAR file, together with the name of session, category, name of participants and contacts, under the filename as ‘works name + name of participant’, to the official address at flamerelay@2021chengdu.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Tel.: (028) 8455 1075 18980735535 (Ms GAO)



IV. Instructions



(I) Participants must warrant that they own the copyright of the items, images, footages, or design they submit. The design must be original, and the participants must be responsible for the legal liabilities arising from the authorship, copyright, portrait right, reputation right and proprietorship.

(II) The organiser has the right to publish, broadcast, push and display the items, images, footages, or design to the public without further notice and payment.

(III) Participants must warrant that all the information provided is true and correct, and shall not fraudulently use or misappropriate the information owned by a third party. The organiser assumes no liability if any winner fails to be informed via the contacts provided by such winner. The participants shall be liable for any loss or damages to the organiser or any other third party resulting from their provision of the false information.

(IV) If any design is selected to be exhibited, the participant submitting the design shall cooperate with the organiser to publicise the campaign and explain the design concept of the design.

(V) All participants will be deemed to have accepted the above terms. The organiser reserves the right for final and ultimate interpretation of the campaign.


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