Let’s Quiz! Can You Win Prizes?

Let's Quiz

We (2021Chengdu.com) are launching a quiz from 8 to 15 October worldwide, in which participants have a chance to win prizes totally worth 100,000 yuan (roughly USD 15,515).


The Points Mall on the website is available now. The accounts can, by daily sign-in, commenting on and sharing articles, or participating in activities, get points and redeem for official licensed products of the Games.


CHENGDU 2021 Mascot Sports Figures (Pack of 18)

You cannot have a giant panda, but you can own a mascot figure.


CHENGDU 2021 Series Lucky Star Tea/Coffee Set (Pack of 4)

Old meets new.


CHENGDU 2021 Copper Bellflower Set Co-Branded With Sanxingdui

Did you hear the legend voice of the ancient Shu civilisation?


More surprises are waiting for you!



How to earn points?



An activity themed “Let’s quiz! So you think you can win a prize?” makes its international debut at 18:00 today on our website and runs until 20:00 on 15 October (Beijing time).



The quiz adopts a time-limited mode. If you can choose the correct answer within 6 seconds, you will get the full mark of the question. You will obtain extra times to play the quiz if you can invite new accounts to register. All the points earned from participating in the quiz can be used in the Points Mall. 


Please be aware that rewards are in limited supply and available on a first-come, first-served basis.


How well do you know the FISU World University Games? This time you can really win prizes by participating in the quiz and daily tasks on the website.


Also, we provide activities to redeem points for products in the Mall. You can get points through daily sign-in, commenting on articles, and discussion on the website. The points you earn will be valid for a long time.



Want to be the luckiest participant?



Play this quiz, and you will stand a chance to receive the most expensive gift package we provide this time!


After the end of this online activity, if you happen to rank 26th globally, you will be the luckiest one to receive a gift package. Why 26th? Because the Chengdu 2021 FISU Games will kick off on 26 June next year. 


Of the top 500 in the final global rankings, 10 participants whose ranking numbers’ last two digits are “20” or “21” will get 1,000 and 2,000 points respectively.


Scan this QR code for more.



Click here to play now! Let's quiz! So you think you can win a prize?

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