Chengdu 2021 FISU Games Holds First Comprehensive Rehearsal
Chengdu 2021

The Executive Committee of the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games organised the first comprehensive rehearsal on Wednesday to examine and improve preparations for the Games that will take place from 26 June to 7 July 2022.



The rehearsal was arranged in a comprehensive and orderly manner, involving six client groups, namely delegations, technicians, reporters, VIPs, audiences and staff of the Organising Committee, as well as 10 places such as the command centre, the FISU Games Village and venues. It covered a diversity of services, from vehicle dispatch and spectator services to doping control and media interview.



"The rehearsal has examined the communication and cooperation mechanism among municipal departments, departments of the Executive Committee and the Venue Centre Committee, and venue centres; checked the holding of the Games, commanding and dispatching, competition organising, security and transportation, logistical support, venue operation and emergency handling based on prevention and control of the [COVID-19] pandemic; and helped improve operational teams at all levels, detect inadequacy of present preparations, accumulate organising experience on sports events. [We hope, in this way, we can] improve the organising ability and make sure that all preparations can perform the best for the Games," says an officer from the Department of General Administration of the Executive Committee.

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